Gift Wrapping


      Gift Wrapping

      • Paper: Choose a colorful and festive wrapping paper that matches the occasion and the recipient's taste.
      • Handwritten Notes: A handwritten note or card can be a personal touch that adds a special sentiment to your gift.
      • You can write a special message or quote that reflects your relationship with the recipient.


      Here are a few ideas for a special gift for a cookie lover:

      Gourmet Cookie Gift Basket: A basket filled with a variety of gourmet cookies is sure to please any cookie lover.

      You can choose from a range of flavors.

      Tea and Cookie Pairing Set: You could put together a gift set that includes a selection of teas and cookies that pair well together.

      For example, you could include chai tea and green tea and earl grey shortbread cookies.

      I hope these ideas help you find the perfect gift for the cookie lover in your life!