Irish Food & Gifts


      Irish Food & Gifts - Irish Gift Baskets

      • Treat yourself to a special Irish treat with two teas and cookies!

        Shamrock cookies and tea will get your celebration off to a great start!

        Enjoy the delicious, traditional flavors of tea and cookies to help you feel the warmth of the Irish spirit.

        Easy Scone Mix - Simple and delicious scone mix for every day and every occasion.
      • Add some Cranberry or blueberries and top off with preserves and a good cup of tea.
      • Mileeven Honey with Irish Cream & Mileeven Honey with Jameson Irish Whiskey.
      • Add some Irish Tea and Honey and enjoy a special treat.
      • Ballymaloe Traditional Irish Sauces, Tomato Relish, Mint, Pepper Relish.