Shortbread Cookies

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      Blue Moon Tea Cookies - Shortbread Cookies

      Blue Moon Tea Cookies are not just any shortbread cookies.

      They are beautifully packaged, making them an impressive gift.

      The upscale packaging enhances the gifting experience, showing the recipient they are unique.

      What sets them apart is their unique flavor profiles, inspired by the finest teas and Scottish heritage, which are sure to delight even the most discerning palates.


      What makes shortbread different?

      Shortbread, also known as 'shortie' in Scotland, is a traditional Scottish cookie. It is made using white sugar, butter, and wheat flour. Due to the higher proportion of butter and the absence of leavening agents, shortbread is a tender, melt-in-the-mouth baked good that’s not just unique but also offers a taste that's hard to resist.

      Shortbread cookies that ship well.

      Shortbread cookies can be a great shipping option because of their dense and crumbly texture, which makes them less prone to breaking during transit. We take extra care in packing cookies to ensure they arrive in perfect condition, giving you peace of mind. This means you can send our Blue Moon Tea Cookies as gifts without worrying about them arriving in a crumbled mess. 

      Is shortbread incredibly soft?

      While shortbread is tender, usually crumbly on the inside, it does have a slight crisp when one bites into it. Shortbread that is baked to perfection and stored well does not have any excess moisture.

      Should I refrigerate my shortbread cookies?

      The short answer is no. Shortbread cookies can be conveniently stored at room temperature in an airtight container for long  because no eggs are used.  

      Why is shortbread associated with Christmas?

      Shortbread has a rich history in Scotland. It was traditionally expensive and reserved as a luxury. The only occasions people indulged in this delicacy were Christmas, Scottish New Year (Hogmanay), and Weddings. Blue Moon Tea Cookies, with their authentic Scottish heritage and unique flavors, make a perfect gift for these special occasions.

      How do you give a shortbread cookie gift basket?

      At Blue Moon Teas, we understand the importance of the perfect shortbread gift basket for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, and therefore, bring you some fantastic ways to gift Shortbread Cookies to your loved ones, including but not limited to -    

      ·   Create a Cookie Gift

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      ·   Cookie Gift Boxes