Irish Breakfast Tea

      • The Irish are well-known for their affinity for tea. In fact, the Irish are the world's biggest tea consumers.
      • They drink four to six cups of tea every day on average.
      • It is usual in Ireland to drink tea at any time of day, except in the morning.
      • Irish tea has a boozy, powerful taste and a reddish color.
      • Due to its potency, Irish breakfast tea is usually served with milk. Additionally, it is considered as a cure for almost anything under the sun - from a bad mood to flu.
      • It has a stronger flavor and more caffeine than normal white, green, or oolong tea.
      • Some people also like to have the black tea with sugar or honey, as per their preference.
      • The most popular brands of Irish breakfast tea include Bewley’s Teas, and Barry’s Teas.