Irish Breakfast Tea


      Irish Tea Brands and Irish Breakfast Teas – Barry's, Bewley's, and Blue Moon Teas Irish Teas

      Ireland is renowned for its deep-rooted tea culture, with the Irish people holding the title of the world's most ardent tea enthusiasts. On average, they indulge in four to six cups of tea each day. Interestingly, tea is a beverage that knows no time constraints in Ireland, except for the morning hours.

      Irish tea boasts a robust, spirited flavor accompanied by a rich reddish hue. This particular brew's potency often necessitates the addition of milk, making it a customary choice. Furthermore, it is often hailed as a panacea for a wide array of ailments, ranging from bad moods to the flu.

      When compared to the more common white, green, or oolong teas, Irish breakfast tea distinguishes itself with a bolder taste and a higher caffeine content. For those with a sweeter inclination, it is not uncommon to infuse the black tea with sugar or honey, according to personal preference.

      Among the most celebrated brands specializing in Irish breakfast tea, Bewley’s Teas and Barry’s Teas reign supreme.