Gourmet Food

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      Gourmet Food Gift Ideas and Treats to Enjoy with Teatime!

      Delight in Exquisite Culinary Present Concepts and Delicacies for Tea Moments!

      • Enhance your teatime delights with a range of curds and preserves, specially crafted to complement your tea indulgence.
      • Discover an array of gourmet honeys sourced from both Ireland and the USA, providing a unique twist to your tea experience.
      • Indulge effortlessly with our Irish scone and honey pairing, offering a delightful and convenient treat.
      • Choose from a curated assortment of popular candies and confections, including the renowned German Hard Candy, Herman the German Hard Candy.
      • Savor the rich flavors of our gourmet caramels, including the uniquely enticing Old English Black Licorice Caramels.
      • Anticipate the holiday season with our Christmas Plum Puddings and Brandy Butter Christmas Gifts, available exclusively from November to December in 2023.