Tea & Cookies


      Tea & Cookies

      • A cookie gift can be a sweet gift for anyone who loves tea.

      • Cookie Gift Baskets with Teas are a thoughtful way to show your loved one how much you care.

      • Cookies Selection: Include a variety of cookies that pair well with teas.

      Tea Selection: Include a selection of teas, such as herbal, green, black, or flavored teas.

      You can choose teas that complement the cookies you include in the gift set, such as pairing a flavored tea with chocolate cookies or Earl Grey tea with lemon cookies.

      • Blue Moon Tea Cookies are handmade by Blue Moon in small batches.
      • Made for Dunking! Enjoy with your favorite beverage!
      • Pure Butter Shortbread made to melt in your mouth. 
      • Made with the finest ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors. Non-GMO, Made with real butter, no eggs, soy, or preservatives.