Kombucha Gift Baskets


      Kombucha Tea Gift Baskets

      Kombucha tea gift baskets are a great way to introduce someone to the world of kombucha, or to provide a thoughtful gift for someone who already loves the beverage.

      These gift baskets typically include a selection of kombucha teas, along with other items that complement the drink.

      We have for you, crisp, refreshing, non-alcoholic Seattle Kombucha Tea!

      It has become a very well-known fact, that Kombucha comes with an array of unmatched health benefits, the most imperative of which is reducing inflammation and improving gut health.

      Kombucha tea also supports the immune system and reduces instances of DNA damage.

      Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise, that many people are inclined towards consuming Kombucha tea at least once every day.  

      Carefully curated with low sugars, this set of beverages from Seattle Kombucha Company is known to offer maximum flavors.