Seattle Kombucha Tea


      🍹 Gift Idea #1: Kombucha Sampler Pack 🍹 Explore the world of flavors with our Kombucha Sampler Pack! This curated selection of artisanal kombucha brews offers a refreshing journey for the taste buds. From classic ginger to exotic fruit blends, it's a symphony of probiotic goodness in every sip.

      Seattle Kombucha Tea - Made in Washington

      Tastes Delicious. You Won't Believe It's Kombucha!
      • Low in Sugar
      • Health Benefits of Black Tea, and Green Tea.
      • Has Naturally Occurring Beneficial Acids and Vitamins for Digestive Support
      • Replaces Less Healthy Alternatives
      • Vegan, Non-GMO, No Artificial Colors and No Artificial Flavors

      Seattle Kombucha Tea Collection

       The perfect blend of healthy and delicious

      Meet the Seattle Kombucha - a heavenly brew packed with probiotics and antioxidants that comes with countless health benefits, from weight loss and radiating facial glow to improved brain and body functions.

      Kombucha has never tasted this good

      We have all heard people say that healthy food doesn’t usually taste good. But fortunately for us, this doesn’t hold true for the Seattle Kombucha. Loaded with a multitude of health benefits, the Seattle Kombucha tea has an herbal, floral, or fruity taste, depending on the added flavors, with fizz and a hint of sweetness reminiscent of sparkling apple cider vinegar.

      Discover your favorite flavor

      We offer Kombucha in a variety of flavors, from Ginger Jasmine and Mango to Blood Orange and Lady Grey, so you can enjoy its benefits while not compromising on the taste. To maintain the reputation of our Seattle Kombucha as the healthier alternative, our Kombucha teas are prepared without any added colors or artificial flavors. Using only pure and natural ingredients, our meticulously prepared Kombucha tea will leave you begging for more.

      Meaningful gift ideas for your special ones

      Gifts are tokens of your love and appreciation for your loved ones. At Blue Moon Teas, we offer handpicked and carefully curated Seattle Kombucha Tea gift baskets that are the perfect thoughtful gifts for your near and dears. Our Kombucha tea gift baskets include a variety of flavors to give your loved one an interesting mix of healthy tea choices that resemble green tea or black tea in taste but are only much better.

       Ready to reap the benefits of the nutrient packed Kombucha tea?

      Ready to reap the benefits of the nutrient packed Kombucha tea?

      Enjoy the sweet, fizzy, and tangy flavors of the Seattle Kombucha while treating yourself to sips of this healthy and delicious blend. Explore our Kombucha tea collections now to find something for yourself or a loved one.