Rooibos Tea

      • Rooibos is calorie-free and is therefore suitable to recommend to anyone on a weight loss plan.
      • It has a naturally sweeter taste than other teas and is, therefore, an easier substitute than many herbal options.
      • Rooibos also contains nine minerals and trace minerals, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, sodium, copper, manganese, and fluoride.
      • Ten top tips to keep hydrated.
      • It is generally agreed that healthy adults in temperate climates need between 2 and 3 liters of fluid every day (approximately equal to the amount lost every day).
      • Unlike fat and carbohydrate, excess water cannot be stored for use later.
      • A regular fluid intake is needed to keep the body well hydrated and all bodily functions dependent on water operating well.
      • About 1 liter of water comes from what we eat and the majority of the remaining 1 – 2 liters from what we drink.
      • On hot or humid days more fluid is lost from the body so more fluid must be drunk to replace it.
      • Exposure to central heating for long periods will also increase fluid losses which must be replaced.
      • Physical activity, particularly in warm/hot/humid conditions, increases sweat loss. Losses must be replaced often during and particularly after activity finishes.
      • Thirst is not a reliable indicator of hydration. The sensation is only experienced when the body is already quite dehydrated.
      • As a rule of thumb, urination every 2 – 4 hours is a better sign that sufficient fluids are being consumed.
      • As dehydration develops, urine color darkens, and volume and frequency of urinating both decreases.
      • A variety of drinks should be enjoyed every day – Rooibos is a great tasting alternative to black teas.