About us

Blue Moon Tea

Steeped in History

When Messrs. Scholl & Huth established the Puget Sound Brewery, they proved themselves enterprising and energetic business men.

Previous to that time Tacoma was sadly in need of a first-class brewery that would be able to supply beer of a superior quality and in sufficient quantity to supply the ever increasing demand for this popular beverage.

Blue Moon Tea started after going to a coffee show in Seattle in 1998.

  • With enough coffee to go around, we started BlueMoonTea.com in 1999.
  • 22 years of being in the tea business has been ever changing.
  • Not only do we sell tea, Blue Moon Tea has a state certified kitchen, licensed to bake cookies, pack teas, and candy for party favors and events.
  • Our location in downtown Tacoma: Local order online with curbside pick-up.
  • The Pacific Brewery and Malting Co. building now has local artists and businesses that service the Puget Sound. Who knows what the next adventure will be.