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Blue moon tea

About Blue Moon Teas

25 Years Online

The Taste of Tea & Gourmet Gifts

Established in 1998, Blue Moon Teas is a brand set to deliver calmness and zen through the delicacy of tea and cookies.

The creatives behind this company are independent young women who share a fondness for everything that is steeped and baked with love.

At Blue Moon Teas, we bring you just that – a selection of delicate flavors in the form of soothing teas and gift sets, gourmet tea, and cookies.

How We Began Sipping Tea

Blue Moon Teas was conceptualized when our owner, Christine, found herself amidst a coffee show in Seattle in 1998.

She realized her passion for tea and decided to bring it to life by creating tea and gift bundles, adding value to your moments.

Christine was known as the tea girl by co-works when going out to breakfast in the morning before work.

 Since then, Blue Moon Teas has been operating online for 24 years and serving customers across the United States online.

Our Philosophy

Ever since Christine was young, she found it quite endearing how even the simplest of occasions can be engraved into one’s memory when a pleasant gift marks the occasion.

That is why our brand focuses on gift-giving and making every moment special.

 Whether it be a family get-together or a formal business event, we have something for each occasion. We carefully curate gift bundles for you and your loved ones to elevate every celebration that stumbles your way.

 When presented with our tea gift sets, coffees, and cookie gift boxes, your near and dear ones are bound to feel special.

 Online, On Time

Never miss any big days with our reliable gifting service that will deliver your tea gift sets and cookie bundles right when you want them to.