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      Builder's Tea

      • Builders Tea - Strong British Tea - English Breakfast Tea 
      • If you like full flavor and body, try Builder's.
      • Builder's Tea name was chosen because workers in the British building trade typically drink many cups of tea during their working day.
      • Builder's tea, also known as a builder's brew, is a British English tea term for a strong cup of tea.
      • It takes its name from the inexpensive tea commonly drunk by laborer's taking a break.
      • A builder's tea is typically brewed in a mug with the tea contained in a teabag (as opposed to loose leaves in a teapot), with a small amount of milk usually added after either stirring the tea or leaving it to stand and infuse.
      • Builder's tea is often taken with one or more teaspoons of white sugar, but this is optional.
      • Builders Tea is just a good cup of black tea.
        The Master Blend for Builders Tea has chosen hand-picked tea leaves from estates in Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.