Barry's Tea


      Barry's Tea - Irish Breakfast Teas

      • Barry’s Tea was founded in 1901 by James J. Barry, From the very beginning, quality was at the heart of the family’s business.

      • In 1934, Anthony Barry was awarded the Empire Cup for tea blending, confirming his expertise in the tea trade.

      • Until the 1960s, Barry's teas were sourced mostly from India and Sri Lanka and were sold mainly from their shop in Prince’s Street, Cork.
      • But when they blends kept growing in popularity, they widened distribution channels, and began selling their teas to other shops in Cork, expanding into the suburbs, then out to the rest of the country.
      • This tradition of quality without compromise continues to this day.

      • Barrys tea selects the finest quality tea from the high mountains of Kenya & the Assam Valley of India for Barry's Gold Blend Tea.

      • Barry's Gold Blend Tea is famous for its rich golden color and much loved taste.
      • Gold blend is known to be Ireland’s favorite tea, a tea that enriches your day, every moment.
      • Barry's Decaf Tea, Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea and Barry's Gold Tea.