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      Barry's Teas - Irish Breakfast Teas

      • In 1901, James J. Barry founded Barry’s Tea, a venture that from the outset placed unwavering emphasis on quality within the family's enterprise.
      • A significant milestone arrived in 1934 when Anthony Barry earned the prestigious Empire Cup for tea blending, solidifying his mastery in the realm of tea craftsmanship.
      • Early on, Barry's Tea predominantly sourced its teas from India and Sri Lanka, retailing primarily through their Prince’s Street shop in Cork.
      • However, as the allure of their blends grew, distribution channels expanded.
      • Starting with Cork's local shops and suburbs, they progressively extended their reach throughout the entire country.
      • Uncompromising dedication to quality remained a steadfast tradition over time.
      • For Barry's Gold Blend Tea, they meticulously select the finest tea leaves from the elevated Kenyan mountains and the Assam Valley in India.
      • This exquisite blend is celebrated for its captivating golden hue and beloved flavor, encapsulating the essence of a nation's preference.
      • Barry's Gold Blend Tea, often acclaimed as Ireland's preferred choice, has the power to enrich every moment of your day. From the revitalizing Barry's Decaf Tea to the invigorating Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea and the iconic Barry's Gold Tea, the legacy of excellence echoes throughout their diverse offerings.
      • Rooted in over a century of heritage, Barry’s Tea thrives as a timeless emblem of tea craftsmanship and commitment to delighting the palates of tea enthusiasts worldwide.