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      Barry's Tea - Irish Breakfast Tea

      • In 1901, James J. Barry embarked on a journey to establish Barry's Tea, a family enterprise firmly grounded in an unwavering commitment to quality.
      • A pivotal moment he occurred in 1934 when Anthony Barry achieved the prestigious Empire Cup for his exceptional tea blending skills, solidifying his mastery of tea craftsmanship.
      • Barry Tea initially sourced its teas from India and Sri Lanka, making them available primarily through its Prince's Street shop in Cork. However, as the reputation of its blends soared, it expanded its distribution channels.
      • Beginning with local shops and suburbs in Cork, they gradually extended their reach to encompass the entire nation. Their dedication to uncompromising quality remained a steadfast tradition throughout their journey.
      • For Barry's Gold Blend Tea, they meticulously curate the finest tea leaves from the highlands of Kenya and the lush Assam Valley in India. This exquisite blend is renowned for its captivating golden hue and cherished flavor, embodying the essence of a nation's taste preferences.
      • Barry's Gold Blend Tea, often celebrated as the theater of choice in Ireland, can enhance every moment of your day. From the refreshing Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea to the revitalizing Barry's Decaf Tea and the iconic Barry's Gold Tea, their diverse offerings resonate with a legacy of excellence.
      • With over a century of heritage, Barry's Tea continues to thrive as a timeless symbol of tea craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to delighting the palates of tea enthusiasts worldwide.