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      Barry's Tea - Irish Breakfast Tea

      • In 1901, James J. Barry founded Barry's Tea, a family business rooted in a commitment to quality. A pivotal moment came in 1934 when Anthony Barry won the prestigious Empire Cup for his exceptional tea-blending skills.
      • Barry's Tea, originally sourcing teas from India and Sri Lanka, was first sold in its Prince's Street shop in Cork. 
      • As its reputation grew, the Tea expanded from local shops in Cork to nationwide distribution, maintaining an unwavering dedication to quality.
      • Barry's Gold Blend Tea is meticulously crafted from the finest tea leaves of Kenya's highlands and India's Assam Valley.
      • Known for its golden hue and cherished flavor, it embodies the essence of Ireland's taste.
      • Barry's diverse offerings, including Barry's Irish Breakfast Tea, Barry's Decaf Tea, and the iconic Barry's Gold Tea, are celebrated across Ireland.
      • With over a century of heritage, Barry's Tea remains a timeless symbol of tea craftsmanship, delighting tea enthusiasts worldwide.