Christmas Cookie Gifts


      Christmas Cookie Gifts for Delivery

      • Cookies for Dunking - Blue Moon Tea Cookies.
      • Cookie Lovers gift ideas - Enjoy some Shortbread Cookies and Tea.
      • Christmas Cookie Gifts

      • Christmas is a time for family, friends, and of course delicious cookies!
      • This year, why not give the gift of cookies?
      • Blue Moon Tea has the perfect Christmas cookie gifts for you.
      • Send Christmas cookie gifts, that come with a variety of different flavors and are delicious to the very last bite.
      • So, if you need the perfect gift this Christmas then we have some cookies for you.

        Our selection includes:

      • Cookie gift baskets with English tea and coffee mugs included.
      • Delicious butter shortbread cookies made with flavors that won’t bake out.
      • A range of delightful flavors including Cardamom orange, Chai, Cranberry, and Pecan.
      • Tea and cookie gift sets for a complete teatime experience.
      • Custom mix and match sets that are tailored to your individual needs.

        Gift Options - Good News for Large Orders

      • For Large company orders of 10 or more of the same items, going to different addresses.
      • We can process with one payment and get your data to input your ship to addresses and later give you a list of all orders and shipping.
      • So you can track all with just one file. And save your time.
      • Please contact Blue Moon Tea for more information – 1-866-952-0777


      What is the minimum price at which I can get a Christmas Cookie Gift?

      The Shortbread Cookies Gift Box at Blue Moon Teas starts at as little as $12.95. These boxes are available in many flavors such as Cardamom Orange, Chai, Chocolate Orange, Cranberry Orange, and Pecan.

      Are cookies a good gift for Christmas?

      Why not? After all, what could possibly carry the spirit of Christmas like some freshly baked cookies made using the finest ingredients? This is precisely why Blue Moon Teas Cookies are such a hit during the festive season. No artificial colors or flavors, no eggs, soy, or preservatives, made using real butter, these melt-in-your-mouth cookies are simply unmatched.

      Why are Christmas cookies a tradition?

      During the Great Depression of the 1930s, parents were looking for ways to encourage generosity and kindness in their children. This is when the practice of putting out cookies for Santa first began. The tradition quickly caught on, and innumerable homes across the world still put out cookies for Santa and his reindeer!

      Why order Christmas cookie gifts online?

      If you are looking forward to picking out gifts for your loved ones from the comfort of your own home, then ordering Christmas gift cookies online is a great option for you! Right from singular cookie gift boxes to more elaborate hampers with artisanal teas and tea mugs, we at Blue Moon Teas have it all set for you! What’s more? When you order Christmas cookie gift baskets from us, you can rest assured that the receiver will get it all in a stunning package, exactly how it looks in the pictures depicted on our website.

      How to choose the right cookie as a gift?

      A good starting point can be your price range. If you are looking for something simple yet impressive you can purchase a standalone cookie gift box. Alternatively, if you do not mind splurging a little you could choose Christmas cookie baskets with a myriad of flavors or one with accompaniments such as truffles, tea bags, sparkling Kombucha, and more.

      How long can you store cookies?

      Cookies can be easily stored for a long time, provided they are placed in an airtight container. You can easily store cookies for eight to twelve months without any impact on their taste or quality.

      How can I keep cookies fresh?

      In order to retain the freshness and taste of the cookies for a fairly long duration, it is important that they are stored in air-tight containers. Moreover, it is crucial that differently flavored cookies are stored separately so that their flavors or fragrance do not seep into the nearby bakes.