Teas for Kids without the sugar or calories

Introducing tea into your kid’s diet is a great way to open their palettes up to new experiences. But for many parents, the concern is introducing too many sugars and calories that aren't great for your kid’s health. That’s why we’ve put together some teas your kids can try that are both low in sugar and calories.

Rooibos Tea

Also known as red tea, rooibos is a naturally caffeine-free tea that is absolutely backed with antioxidants. It's a great tea to introduce your kids to and is both flavorful and supremely healthy.

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are my personal pick for the best tea to introduce to kids. Unlike traditional teas, herbal teas have no caffeine as they are just hot water infused with fruits and other great things. They can use all kinds of fruit making them tasty without any sugars, calories or unnecessary additives.

Green Tea

Unlike some of the other teas, there is a moderate amount of caffeine in green tea, so you don’t want to overdo it. But otherwise, it’s a fantastically healthy tea packed with antioxidants and flavor, without any unnecessary sugars or calories.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is also a winner in the world of kid-friendly teas. The peppermint flavor is probably the boldest of any of the teas on this list, making it really enjoyable to drink. And just as the others on this list, it has no sugar or calories.


So, there you have it, four delightful teas for your little ones to enjoy without the extra sugar or calories. Introducing these teas early in their lives can help foster a love for healthier drink options that'll last a lifetime. If you want to try some incredible, natural teas (and maybe a cookie or three), then Blue Moon Teas has a wide variety of fantastic options for you and the whole family to enjoy.