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      New items we just added - 5 New Tea Cozies - Alaska Smokehouse - Boston Fruit Slices - Effie's Biscuits - Gluten-Free Mexican Cookies - Heavenly Caramels - Justea - Purple Tea - Luxe Cookies - Made in Ukraine - Protein Pucks - Rustic Bakery - Tortuga Rum Cakes & Burbon Cakes.

      • Introducing the latest additions to our collection! Explore our array of new items that have just arrived, bringing an exciting range of flavors and experiences to your palate.
      • Elevate your tea time with our freshly added selection of five exquisite Tea Cozies, ensuring that your tea remains warm and delightful.
      • Dive into the smoky richness of Alaska Smokehouse offerings, and relish the vibrant flavors of Boston Fruit Slices.
      • Delight in the traditional charm of Effie's Biscuits, and savor the unique appeal of Gluten-Free Mexican Cookies.
      • Indulge your senses with the heavenly allure of our luscious Heavenly Caramels, a treat that promises an indulgent delight.
      • Immerse yourself in the world of Justea's Purple Tea, offering a refreshing twist to your tea experience.
      • Discover the sumptuousness of Luxe Cookies, lovingly crafted in Ukraine, and embark on a journey of taste and culture.
      • For those seeking a protein-packed option, our Protein Pucks are a perfect choice, while Rustic Bakery guarantees artisanal goodness that's a true delight.
      • Dive into the rich flavors of Tortuga Rum Cakes and Bourbon Cakes, capturing the essence of these distinct spirits in delectable baked creations.
      • These new arrivals are a testament to our commitment to bringing you an unparalleled selection of delectable treats and gourmet delights.
      • Explore, indulge, and savor the novelty each item brings, and let your taste buds journey through a world of flavors that cater to every preference and craving.