Enamelware Mugs

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      Enamelware Mugs and Cups

      • Enamelware is porcelain fused onto heavy-gauge steel.
      • Enamel mugs are unbreakable and perfect for the kitchen, picnics, or even camping.
      • Outdoor hiking, camping, picnic, coffee, tea, or water.
      • Ideal for a casual life style, works well with farmhouse and rustic decor.
      • Enamelware is food safe


      Can I put boiling water in an enamel mug? 

      Yes, why not? In fact, your enamel mug can go straight on to the flame and still remain unharmed. You can boil your water on the stove top and steep your tea – all in the mug itself. A kettle is no longer essential for preparing tea, if you have enamelware!  

      Are enamel mugs durable?

      Yes, enamel mugs are extremely durable. They do not wear and tear easily, which is why they prove to be perfect for camping and outdoor tea sessions. They also work exceptionally well when used to serve hot or cold beverages to kids.  

      How do you clean enamel mugs?

      Enamel mugs are dishwasher safe. The surface of the enamel mugs is ideal for withstanding wear. In case the surface gets stained with tea or coffee, you can conveniently clean it using lemon juice, or a mild detergent of your choice.

      Can an enamel mug smash?

      No! All enamelware is shatterproof. In case you drop an enamel mug, it might chip but it will never get smashed or shattered.

      Are enamel mugs food safe?

      Yes. Enamelware is 100% food safe, as it has no evident reaction with any acids found in food.

      Is enamelware microwave safe?

      Enamelware can be used on gas or electric stove, induction cooktop, oven and bonfire. You can even use the enamelware in the fridge or your freezer. However, enamelware is not microwave safe.

      What is the advantage of enamelware?

      One of the most significant advantages of using enamel-based utensils is that enamel is scratch resistant. The surface of the enamelware is smooth and non-porous, which makes it fairly easy to clean and maintain. Thanks to its shatterproof make, enamelware is extremely durable.   

      Can you wash enamel mugs?

      Yes! You can easily wash your enamel mugs by hand, or in a dishwasher. The color or print of your enamel mugs will remain intact even with regular washing.

      How do I prevent enamelware from rusting?

      In case the steel in your enamel mugs is exposed, make sure to dry it completely after each use/wash. If possible, coat the area with olive oil or vegetable oil to prevent rusting.

      Why are enamel mugs considered ideal for camping?

      Enamel mugs prove to be great energy savers, since the transfer of heat in these mugs is fairly even and quick. This ensures that hot beverages like tea or coffee can be heated up faster. Moreover, enamelware can be directly used for heating and boiling water/coffee directly on the flame eliminating the need for multiple utensils. In addition, beverages stay hotter for longer in enamel mugs as compared to ceramic mugs, thereby contributing to the popularity of enamelware as ideal camping gear.