Cookie Gifts

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      Cookie Gift Ideas for Sending Cookies!

       You can choose from a variety of flavors and types of cookies, from classic Vanilla to more unique and creative options.

      Indulge in the ultimate delight of gifting with Blue Moon Tea Shortbread Cookies!

      Elevate your cookie gifting game with the finest shortbread cookies that promise an exquisite taste experience.

      Picture this: a meticulously curated batch of cookies that travel with utmost care, ensuring each cookie arrives in impeccable condition, free from any breakage.

      But that's not all – the artistry extends beyond the taste.

      These cookies are lovingly adorned in captivating gift-wrap, adding an extra layer of charm to your heartfelt present.

      It's not just about cookies; it's about creating an unforgettable moment of joy and sweetness.

      Choose Blue Moon Tea Shortbread Cookies for a gifting sensation that combines culinary perfection, elegant presentation, and the joy of sharing something truly exceptional.

      Your loved ones deserve nothing less than the best, and these cookies deliver just that – a tantalizing treat that speaks volumes about your thoughtfulness.


      Blue Moon Tea Cookies are the perfect complement to a hot cup of tea, with their buttery shortbread texture and dunking ability.

      You can add your own personalized message with (Gift This Item) to make it even more special.